for Self-Published Authors & Order Fulfillment

for Self-Published Authors & Order Fulfillment

Mail is a wonderful thing. It means that somewhere someone took their own time to wrap something and send it on its way to someplace where it is very much wanted.

Modern shipping and logistics is a phenomenal feat to behold! Having a major fulfillment center handle your inventory and shipping all wrapped up in quick delivery windows saves you time and stress. Your customers are happy and you get more hours in the day to do the things a writer needs to be doing, CREATING.

However, with these incredible supply chains comes the reality of cost.

  • Setup & Intake Fees: May be incurred for new accounts to begin their journey.
  • Storage Fees: Are involved based per unit or the total size you occupy in a warehouse.
  • Outbound Fees: Including pick & pack, shipping, box, or kitting fees might be applies to outbound products to cover the cost of labor and supplies involved for each order. 
  • Refund Fees: Are standard to cover costs of customer returns, sometimes regardless of the reason.

Our Fulfillment Solutions

At GPPCo. we don't look to replicate the marvels of national fulfillment centers. That's too much cardboard for us to be honest. But as a family business we understand not every writer has the volume or capital that demands the costs of a major warehouse. 

  • No Volume/Low Volume: Our digital production printers are capable of high volumes and can keep your products stocked on an as-ordered basis. We monitor your sales and customer activity and only keep low stock or no stock on hand to ensure you can be warehouse fee free.
  • No Picking, Shipping, or Anything Else Fees: Due to the nature of our work environment and our clients we don't need to charge our creators per product fees involved with each outbound transaction. That's more money that stays in your pocket every time your prints find a new home! 
  • Affordable Extras: Our creator's are often moving previous inventory or extra goodies for boxing and need a home for their current stock. Our team will ensure low rates to stock and store bulk intake.  
  • eCommerce Integrations: Depending on your volume and needs custom integrations into your online platform and sales channels can save you precious time as we handle everything.
  • B2B Retail: We work hard to simplify business to business retail. Our systems can help ease and expedite the process of stocking retail storefronts. 
  • Responsive Customer Service: Large fulfillment centers provide customer service, but the scale of the operation can often disconnect the many hands resulting in unhappy customers. Our workflow philosophy keeps everyone close to the the outbound process. This ensures our hardworking reps have a hand in the process so that if issues every arise from customers they can respond timely and with real knowledge to the dilemma. 

Let's talk cardboard, tape, and all the other joys of mail. We work on a case by case basis and don't charge anything for consultation. We want to see your work in the hands of as many families as possible, CLICK HERE TO SETUP A CONSULTATION today and let's see what we can do. 

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