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Engineering - Harbor + Sprout

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Harbor + Sprout is a comprehensive, week-by-week curriculum featuring beautifully designed resources for all subjects and complete with lesson plans and book lists. Adaptable for family-style learning and delivered to your inbox for $22 a month. You can purchase the digital (must be purchased to have printed) HERE!

Please upload your receipt as proof of purchase. If your receipt is not added, your order will be delayed as we will need to contact you for POP before delivering your physical copy. 

Options available for print purchase of the July Unit - Botany: 

Full Guide 

  • Full Curriculum Guide Spiral Bound (See file "Engineering Unit for Printing") - Two 28lb Spiral Bound Books, with a laminated front and poly back cover.
  • Full Curriculum Guide Looseleaf (See file "Engineering Unit for Printing", Pg) - 28lb paper, looseleaf

 Weekly Printing - All printed on 28lb paper, spiral bound w/ a laminated cover and black poly-backing 

  • Week 1 (See File "Week 1")
  • Week 2 (See File "Week 2")
  • Week 3 (See File "Week 3")
  • Week 4 (See File "Week 4")

Individual Units - All printed on 28lb paper, spiral bound w/ a laminated cover and black poly-backing 

  • Handbook ( See file "Engineering Handbook"
  • Science (See File "1 Science")
  • Nature Study (See File "2 Nature Study")
  • Language Arts (See File "3 Language Arts")
  • Writing (See File "4 Writing")
  • History (See File "5 History")
  • Geography (See File "6 Geography")
  • Music (See File "7 Music")
  • Art (See File "8 Art")
  • Math (See File "9 Math")
  • Discover Details Supplement (See File "10 Building Your Knowledge Supplement")

Supplemental Pieces

  • Consumables - 28lb Single Sided, Looseleaf (See File "5 Consumables")
  • Character Kit - 110lb Single Sided, Pg 2-4 Laminated (See File "4 Character Kit")
  • Loose Parts - 110lb Single Sided (See File "6 Loose Parts" Pg 5-30, 34-46, 54-54)
  • Play Pieces - 110lb Single Sided Laminated for play (See File "6 Loose Parts" Pg 31-33, 47-51)
  • Coloring Poster - 12x18 Poster