Collaboration Inquiry

The homeschool and Catholic community is full of amazing families focused on raising their children themselves. Unfortunately that means when we take on extra creative ventures, we are limited in time and resources to create physical options and ship. This means a lot of curriculum and supplements come in digital form only. 


Gloria Patri Print Co. wants to make it easy for these creators to offer physical copies of their products! We work with creators to choose paper, binding and finishing options, along with creating bundles and add ons to their physical options! 


Sounds like something you would like to offer? Leave us your information, along with the products/ideas you would like to talk about, and we will reach out to you to set up a call! 


Product hosting on our website spots are limited to products that fit our brand and do not interfere with current product offerings. We do, however, have a buy button option to link your customers to a hidden collection of only your products!