Our Print on Demand Service Eligibility

We understand how hard homeschool families work to create treasured experiences and have to balance their time during very busy days. At Gloria Patri Print Co. we do our best to provide a level of quality that we are proud of. The world of digital print can be overwhelming, especially with the tremendous amount of templates, settings, and options. We do our best to maintain professional digital production units that can provide budget costs and premium output. But in order for us to fulfill our promises to you and your family please review our terms. 
Our Digital Print Promises
  1. We will always maintain professional color profiles using industry color controllers. 
  2. We will always output at a minimum of 600DPI or higher for resolution if possible. 
  3. We will always review client requests or special instruction to ensure there is no potential for project failure.
  4. We will always contact the client if we discover any major inconsistency in the print output that might warrant modification of the project 
  5. We will always REFUND projects that prove to not meet the eligibility for this service, fail our quality inspection review, or present a significant problem that prevents completion or shipping. 
Our Print on Demand Project Expectations
  1. We assume client projects are PRINT READY. We ask in order to keep costs affordable that all clients review their material and ensure their uploaded file is PRINT READY. If you are UNSURE if your project is print ready please CONTACT US BEFORE submitting an order with payment. 
  2. We only fulfill legal and authorized orders of digital PDF projects. If requested, clients should be able to provide proof of authorized use. We will not allow unlawful and unethical activity to harm our digital media creators. 
  3. Our printing is not intended for unlawful resell. We will not permit high-volume or bulk printing of any sole print on demand project without proper review.
  4. Our print on demand is intended for digital curriculums, educational media, and religious media that supports our mission statement. Clients looking for high quality digital art prints, digital print for business purposes, or digital printing for any other purpose than stated in our mission should contact us for a consultation. 
Please contact us if you have concerns over digital media you might believe has been unlawfully downloaded and circulated. 
Please contact us if you are unsure about any part of the process or have questions about how our online eCommerce store functions.